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Publication date: 6. Ene 2020

At the Opening Session of the JamCAm 2020 in Brasil, Daniel Corsen, Chairperson from the Interamerican Scout Committee encourage the participants to the following:

"Today is the first day of this great adventure and I’m sure that you already made some friends. You are coming from 20 countries and we’re in total almost 8000 people. If you look around there are many people you’ve never seen before. But somehow you feel safe and you feel at home. Maybe not with the comfort of a bed and a nice room, but certainly you feel something special. How is this possible? Where does this come from? Have you asked yourself this question?

This is magic we call the Scout Movement; the big kinship of more than 50 million people who share the same values. Throughout this week we will celebrate the magic of this movement. Today, on the occasion of the 16th Jamboree and 13th Camporee Regional I would like to share three messages with you.

Maybe on your way to the Jamboree you’ve heard about the wildfires in Australia where more than half a million animals were killed, and about the rising ten-sions between the United States and Iran. Let alone all the other natural disasters and worsening political and humanitarian catastrophes. The world is facing humongous threats and challenges and some are wondering if we’re not too late to act. My only hope is you: the third largest youth generation in the world. You hold the potential for change and positive action. You are a unique resource that can develop innovative solutions for peace, development and our environment. Your’e in a safe space at this JamCam to explore, learn, discover and be creative about the things you care about by visiting the Interamerican Village, Bosque de la Paz, Exploración de la Naturaleza, Splash, Energy and the Better World Tent. Make the best out of it for yourself.

My second message. One of greatest and underutilized strengths is our diversity. We come from all walks of life, yet we share a common path. I ask you these days to look out for people that are different than you, come from a different country, has a different belief system, and or simply look very different than you and build a connection. Ask each other questions like: what’s your favorite color, how long their trip was to get here, and what their hobbies are. These sound like stupid questions, but they are exactly the types of questions we need to ask more of. These are the questions that make us realize that we all share a place together in this world and that there is more that we share than we realize. Let our diversity unite us.

My last message to you is about FUN. Our Friends from Escoteiros do Brazil prepared an amazing program to make sure you have the best time possible. I wouldn’t be here today with you if I didn’t go to a Jamboree. Let me tell you a short story. I was 14 and I was bored. I thought I had seen it all in Scouting and my friends got me interested in other hobbies, like sports and partying and looking after girls. I wanted to quit Scouting because I thought it to be old-fashioned and my friends started to make fun of it. When I told my parents about this, they said ok but with one condition. I had to take my younger sister to the World Scout Jamboree in Thailand in 2002. That changed my life. Do you remember I started talking about the fact that we’re surrounded by many people we never met before and yet we feel at home? In Thailand I felt at home among 30.000 other people. It is at that Jamboree that I learned that we as young people have a duty to create the future we want and having a lot of fun while doing it. My wish is that this JamCam is at least this for you. An amazing, fun experience where you make lifetime friends and find a cause to commit to.

Now, before closing I would like to ask you to give a huge applause to Escoteiros do Brasil thanking them for their hard work. I am very grateful for their commitment to Scouting and our region. My hope is vested in you and I am convinced that you will become the best possible version you can be. For that thanks. Give yourself a huge applause for living this great experience."


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