Scout of The World Award Brunei Darussalam

1] Scouts Family Day
Date : 13th May 2018
Venue : 5th floor, Scout HQ building

2]Chong Hwa rovers
Date: 25th May 2018
Venue : Conference Room 4th floor, Scout HQ building

Topics being presented :
1] Microbeads 2] Marine Debris
3] Tree planting

What we learn?
Microbead is very harmful
Can lead to dead of fish or other marine animals
This disrupt the food chain of humans when fish no longer exist.
Sea creatures eat microbeads
This passed down along the marine food chain
Such that, human also eat fish that contains plastic.

Wildlife entanglement, Debris ingestion and Water pollution are effects of marine debris to our environment
Solution : the 3 “R”s [Reduce, Reuse, Recycle] plays a significant role in preventing water pollution

By tree planting, it could purify the air we live in as the air is being filtered by the tree and being returned back to the atmosphere
Trees can create an environment that enhances growth diversity of wildlife habitat.
When soil washes into waterways, it increases the water pollution that can damage the marine life as it doesn’t have any roots.
Deforestation threatens future scientific discoveries of species that could be useful to mankind
Solution : We should buy more products that are made by recycled papers.

Comments about the talk from the audience:

Very informative, provided many factors that are affecting the environment.
Showed videos which increases understanding
provided pictures which grabs attention
provided solutions for problems
The talk being presented are easy to understand.
The structure of slides created are clear

Slides have too many words
Can improve by presenting without reading the slides most of the time
should give more points that are not in the powerpoint to further gather attention
some slides are covering the word.

3) World Ocean day Symposium
Date: 9th June 2018
Venue: Dewan Nur Huda, Fishery Department, Serasa
Hosted by: Reef Check Brunei
Participate as: Volunteer
‘Straw Wars Borneo’
Trinity Dive Sdn. Bhd
Chief Technologist
Marine Biologist (Coral Reef Ecology)

What we learn:
1] ‘Straw Wars Borneo’, focuses on reducing the use of plastic straws and change it with metal/bamboo straws
2] . Co-owner of Trinity DIve Sdn. Bhd, Nick Khoo.
“Sharks, we need them alive”.
many people eats shark’s fin
some killed because of fear in movies.
sharks do not eat humans but it mistakes a surfer as a turtle or a seal from their view.
even if we do sharks farming, it is unprofitable to farm and sharks need large space because they would not survive in captivity.
Solutions is by signing a petition for example celebrities pledge, corporate pledge , laws.
3] #indamaustraw Campaign and Saving Our Turtles
top 10 trash collected around the world are plastics.
Solution: spreading awareness through education, experience to interact with endangered species and target audience which are schools, private sectors and public.
4] Dr Phillip Lim Ming Keat, Chief technologist. “Saving corals”
MINERAL ACCRETION (electrolysis) is used as a method to grow dead corals; faster,perfect conditions to corals, low maintenance
HOW? use low current(which are safe for marine life and swimmers), harvest dropped broken corals, attach with small wires

4] Mini Amazing Race
Date: 12th August 2018
Time: 7am - 12.15pm
Duration : 1 day
Venue: Tasek Lama, Bandar Seri Begawan
Participants : 20 people/ 2 people per team
Fee requested : $4 per team

Problem encountered during activity :
A girl fainted during hiking, time consume to resurrect and brought her back down slowly. The other three activities were canceled due to shortage of time cause by the unwanted accident.

Activities held :
• hiking while cleaning
• name tag ripping

• Handling and preparing an event is not easy
• teamwork are important to execute a good event.
• event management need to think of any kind of situation/ problem might happen and prepare the solutions

DATE : 14TH – 16TH

All rovers
16 rovers – 2 crew : 1 crew = 8 people

1) To complete SWA voluntary service
2)Educate people about the extinction of marine community.
3)Scouts and public will be exposed to various activities where they are not only to play but even teach them about marine life
4)With this awareness project, this give knowledge about marine life and how to protect them.

-SWA train us to be able to do a project even if the project is small but it must give a benefit to a people
-The importance of using tap water sufficiently in Brunei.
-What makes strong crew? : Communicate, contribution, support each other, teamwork, approachable(if don’t understand on certain things don’t ) , responsibility, fulfilling, positive in thinking
-It give more spirit and motivation to not give up on giving awareness to people.
-Learn how to organize and manage a camp.
-To be a good leader on managing anything for the future (young generation)

what we need to improve for next camp:
-More organize in time management and delegation of work
-Need to have (logistic and food) AJK
-More AJK and participants
-Plan early get the bamboo and do some gadget before the actual day.

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Project Period

Started On
Friday, December 25, 2015
Ended On
Friday, September 21, 2018

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