Eurasia Governance

The Eurasia Scout Region is governed by the Eurasia Scout Conference, which takes place every three years and develops the Region's policies through resolutions. It elects members of the Eurasia Scout Committee and approves a Constitution to govern its activities. The current Constitution was passed by the Conference in September 2018. 

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Eurasia Scout Region Triennial Plan

Every three years, the Eurasia Scout Region develops a regional Triennial Plan. The plan, which is adopted at the Eurasia Scout Conference, considers key priority areas from discussions at world and regional conferences. It also builds on status reports and extensive field at the regional level.

The plan consolidates the gains of Scouting and addresses fundamental issues on systems, structures, processes, and infrastructure at the national and regional levels. It also takes into account priority areas outlined in World Scout Conference resolutions.

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Eurasia Scout Region

Eurasia Scout Conference

The Eurasia Scout Conference is the governing body of the Eurasia Scout Region. Held every three years, it develops the region's general policy through resolutions. It elects members of the Eurasia Scout Committee.

Each National Scout Organization can send up to six delegates and a number of observers to the Eurasia Scout Conference.

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7th Eurasia Scout Conference

Eurasia Scout Youth Forum

The Eurasia Scout Youth Forum is held alongside the Eurasia Scout Conference. The Forum aims to provide a learning platform and increase youth participation in decision-making processes.

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The Eurasia Scout Committee is the executive branch of the region. It is made up of six voting members who are elected for a three-year term, and two ex-officio members. Committee members must come different countries.

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youth eurasia

The Eurasia Scout Youth Forum elects six Youth Advisors to the Eurasia Scout Committee, for a three-year term. Youth Advisors take part in the meetings of the Eurasia Scout Committee and help in the preparation of the next Eurasia Scout Youth Forum. They must be aged 18-26 at the time of election and all represent different countries.

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The Eurasia Scout Committee established several workstreams for the 2018-2021 triennium to coordinate and ensure a holistic approach to the delivery of work, ensure continuity with past trienniums, implement the current triennium plan, and provide the Eurasia Scout Committee with advice and relevant data.

The workstreams, which are headed by members of the Committee and supported by staff from the World Scout Bureau - Eurasia Support Centre, are: 

  • Youth Programme
  • Adults in Scouting 
  • Good Governance
  • Collaboration and Partnership

World Scout Bureau Eurasia Support Centre

Based on the philosophy of “One World, One Scout Movement'', the Eurasia Support Centre acts as the secretariat of the World Organization of the Scout Movement on matters relating to the Eurasia Region.

Established in the settlement of Krasnokamenka (Gurzuf, Crimea, Ukraine) in 1998, the office moved to Kyiv, Ukraine in 2010. It is headed by a regional director.


  • Guideline on Fundraising
    Guideline on Fundraising
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  • Government Engagement in Supporting Scouting
    Government Engagement in Supporting Scouting
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