World Scouting's response to questions related to the situation in Ukraine

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by Scott Teare from United States of America
Publication date: 4. Mar 2014

Dear Friends and Brother/Sister Scouts:

We have received questions from Regional Committee members and NSO representatives regarding WOSM’s position in the context of the developments in Ukraine.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all who are suffering at this difficult time. This relates to Ukraine but also to all people in other countries and regions around the world who are currently experiencing challenging circumstances that impact their lives.

World Scouting is an educational, diverse and inclusive Movement focused on the personal development of young people. We are not a political or a humanitarian organization.

The World Organization of the Scout Movement, the World Scout Committee and the World Scout Bureau have no mandate to express views on geo-political developments or take positions regarding issues related to local, regional or global conflicts such as the current unfolding developments in Ukraine.

We have been asked to clarify the current organizational structure in Ukraine. The situation is as follows: the National Organization of the Scouts of Ukraine (NOSU) is the Member Organization of WOSM. Some of their individual members – young people and adults – are also members of PLAST, which is another organization serving young people in Ukraine, but PLAST itself is not a member of WOSM. I hope this background information is useful.

In line with our Scout values we express our hope that the situation in Ukraine can be resolved in a peaceful manner through direct discussion and diplomatic negotiations.

Yours in Scouting,

Scott A. Teare
Secretary General, WOSM

You should not see this


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It was certainly possible to make a more supportive statement even without taking any political sides...It's a pitty you missed an opportunity.

Imagen de Tomas Rakovas

It was certainly possible to make a more supportive statement even without taking any political sides...It's a pitty you missed an opportunity.

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Actually, our beginnings are totally humanitarian, educate in all dimensions, especially Human sadly wrote this letter, too bad, as Oranizacion must condemn any violence or violent act which harms peace wherever it comes. that should always be our position

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Como miembro del escultismo mundial desde hace 47 años, debo expresar mi opinión acerca de este comunicado. Me parece un error decir "We are not a political or a humanitarian organization." Es que no trabajamos en pro de la humanidad? Supongo que se debe a una interpretación inadecuada, pero que deja clara una posición que realmente es oscura. Soy Scout Venezolano (aunque ya no estoy activo) y lamento esta posición del WOSM, porque como dice una gran amiga y una gran scout: nosotros enseñamos a los muchachos a decidir por sí mismo, a buscar mejoras en la sociedad, a luchar por ideales, dentro de un marco de libertad y justicia. Ayudamos en su formación para que sean miembros activos en su comunidad. Ahora resulta que quien nos "agrupa" a nivel mundial, pareciera "lavarse las manos" en una situación que mas allá de ser política, su punto de honor es la paz, la justicia y los derechos humanos. Disculpenme porque siempre he creído y sigo creyendo en el escultismo como método de formación, de desarrollo y crecimiento personal, pero no creo poder llegar a entender cómo la WOSM o la NOSA o incluso la ASV puedan dejar de pronunciarse ante un "ataque a la paz y a la integridad personal". Y no se trata de "posición política", sino "posición humanitaria", porque si creo que somos una organización que trabaja en pro de la humanidad, procuramos "dejar un mundo mejor del que encontramos", por eso no podemos mirar hacia otro lado y pretender que no pasa nada..... Sí pasa en Ucrania y sí pasa en Venezuela y en otros países que lamentablemente no tienen lo que predicamos como scouts....

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As a member of World Scouting for 47 years , I must express my opinion about this news . It seems wrong to say " We are not a political organization or a humanitarian . " Are not we work for humanity? I guess it is due to an inadequate interpretation , but makes clear that a position is really dark . I am Venezuelan Scout (though I'm no longer active) and WOSM regret this position because as a great friend and a great scout says we teach the boys to decide for himself , to seek improvements in society, to fight for ideals within a framework of freedom and justice. We assist in their training to become active members in their community. It turns out that who we "groups " in the world, seems to " wash their hands " in a situation beyond being political , point of honor is peace , justice and human rights . Excuse me because I have always believed and still believe in Scouting as a method of training, development and personal growth, but I think I can come to understand how the WOSM or NOSA or even the ASV can stop rule to an "attack on peace and personal integrity . " And it is not " political position " but " humanitarian position " because if I think we are an organization that is working towards humanity , seek " leave a better world than we found ," so we can not look away and pretend that nothing happens ..... Yes happens in Ukraine and does happen in Venezuela and other countries unfortunately do not have what we preach as scouts ....


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Scott, you deleted my comment. It's sooo democratic :)

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