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Publication date: 1. Ene 2007

Sunrise Network - Amateur Radio

On August 1, 2007, a vast network of amateur radio stations around the world will support Scouting' s Sunrise. It is hoped that Scouts worldwide will tune in to the radio-waves and make contact with other Scouts, sharing the news of their celebrations and finding out what others are doing to mark this special occasion.

The Sunrise Ceremony will take place on August 1, 2007 at 8:00 AM local time in each country. Starting in the East and continuing towards the West as time progresses, several countries will organise celebrations in the morning. We are aiming at transmitting sound and images from the "sunrise zone" to GB100S at Brownsea Island and to GB100J at the 21st World Scout Jamboree site in Chelmsford, United Kingdom, using short-wave amateur radio and / or the Echolink system. As time evolves that day, Brownsea will have a growing overview of the Scouting's Sunrise activities around the world, starting for example with Kiribati in the East and ending 24 hours later in Samoa in the West.

The Sunrise Network will be active from July 31st 19:00 GMT to 1 August 19:00 GMT, spanning the full 24 hours from East to West. Of course each station will only be active for a short period unless local staff wants to participate for the full period.

To illustrate the global dimension of Scouting and as a commemoration of previous World Jamborees, the idea is to "revive" the former World Jamboree sites by (re)placing an amateur radio station there for a short period and making contact with the 21st World Scout Jamboree in the United Kingdom. These contacts coincide with the Sunrise Ceremony.

The Ceremony at Brownsea Island itself will be transmitted by GB100S at 07:00 GMT on August 1 into the Sunrise Network, to whoever is connected at the time. Of course, other Scout stations are most welcome to join in as well. We just thought it would be a nice start to have all former World Jamboree locations active, as a sort of backbone network for the event. On some locations, the station is set up at a site where there is a special Ceremony held for the local Scouts.

The Centenary of Scouting Radio Award

The Scouting 100 Radio Award is awarded for contacting Scout stations during 2007, the Centenary year of Scouting.This is an International award - it is also available on a listener basis, with the same requirements as the operator award.

Objective:To help celebrate the centenary of Scouting through the medium of radio. To help publicise the Centenary, and to provide radio amateurs the opportunity of gaining another Award. Although not intended for profit, any surplus made will go to support Radio Scouting in developing countries.

Duration:The Award will begin at 00:00:01 on January 1st 2007 and finish at 23:59:59 December 31st 2007.

Bands and Modes:The Award is available through all bands and all modes, within the terms of the individual's radio licence. The Award is also available through Echolink and IRLP modes. The Award can be endorsed for any special modes or bands ie "All satellite contacts"; "all QRP contacts" etc. Activity for the Award should be focused around the Scout frequencies.

Requirements:Stations are required to contact Scout and Guide stations to count for points as follows:Each ordinary Scout station counts one point. Special Event Scout stations count 2 points. The World Scout Jamboree, Gilwell Park, Brownsea Island and special centenary stations count 5 points.Your logs should be verified as accurate by 2 other local radio amateurs. Normal log information is required with the following additional information: Name, Scout details and age of the operator of the station you contact. Your age should also be submitted when applying for Awards. Female operators send "YL" as their age!

Website:The Award is supported online by a website - full details of the award are available there.An Honour Roll of Award holders will also be published on the website.

The Award is managed by Frank Heritage, an experienced Radio-Scouter in the United Kingdom

21st World Scout Jamboree Radio

At Hylands Park in the United Kingdom, the 21st World Scout Jamboree radio 'Promise FM' will broadcast daily to 40,000 Scouts onsite and will also be streamed across the internet for Scouts worldwide.

Promise will be broadcasting throughout the Jamboree on a FM radio frequency. Scouts at the Jamboree can tune in with radios or listen to broadcasts in sub-camp hubs and the Plazas

Tune in to find out what's happening at the Jamboree - especially on 1 August 2007! The first Jamcasts are already online!!!

Tell Us

What are you doing to celebrate Scouting's Centenary?

Would you like to share your stories with Scouts worldwide on our website?

A new section has been created on called 'Centenary News' where you can find information and articles detailing what Scouts around the world are doing to celebrate 2007. If you would like to tell us about a large event or activities taking place in your country, so that we can share your plans and inspire others, please send us the following information:

WHAT the project is
WHERE it is taking place
WHO is involved
HOW it ties in with the Centenary
An ACTION PHOTOGRAPH showing Scouts involved in the project
Send your stories and photos to

We would also like to hear about your plans for Scouting's Sunrise on 1 August 2007.

Send 'What, where, who and how' information to the above email address, thank you.

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