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In Indonesia, there are many traditional Islamic school can be found, especially in rural areas. Most students of these schools are staying in school dormitory. In the morning they attend regular class activities, while in the afternoon they are usually free.

The curriculum used during the learning process in Islamic boarding schools includes the study of the Holy Qur’an and Hadith. Students enrolling in Islamic boarding schools are usually called ‘santri’. The class starts after dawn prayer up to night prayer. What becomes the target of Messengers of Peace Indonesia is the modern Islamic boarding school since it does not only teach is students about the Holy Quran and Hadith but also common knowledge.

Most students of Islamic boarding schools come from lower income family. Some families of theirs do have farm land, but those lands have not been fully utilized. Their schools has limited fund also. However, these students prefer to stay at school dorms in order to feel the second home in which 3 meals within a day are provided.

Considering that unfortunate condition, life skill training and assistance are deemed necessary to help getting out of that condition and independently earn their living. On the other hand, flowers become very popular especially for the urban population. Moreover, they are sold at very good price. Thus, this project aims to train students through utilizing unused land near the school to plant, grow, and sell flowers.

Messenger of Peace Indonesia is targeting 50 Scouts and 50 Non-Scouts for being given life skills which hopefully will be helpful for them to become entrepreneurs running their own business. This is because we assume that not all Islamic boarding school graduates will become religious leaders as there may be some of them looking for other ways of life like being farmers or business practitioners.
Before recruiting the participant, the committee certainly needed to determine the project area first. To determine the location, the committee did a survey in Pandeglang, Karang Tanjung, Baros, Ciomas, Padaricang, Serang and Taktakan Sub-districts starting from February 2012. However, places surveyed were all dry lands with coarse grass and bushes. The project site was finally determined at the end of March 2012. It was Al-Islamic Boarding School located in Cipokjaya Sub-district, Banten Province.

After the project site was determined, the committee then recruited the participants while doing the land clearing process. Participants were recruited at the end of April 2012. As a result of land clearing process, 0.5 hectare of land was cleared and prepared for flower plantation.

The training itself was held on 11-12 December 2012 at Al-Islamic boarding school, followed by 50 participants aged 18-22 years old. All of them are Scout, and they were given the basic training on “Ornamental Plants Cultivation”. As a result, they gained the knowledge regarding how to cultivate ornamental plants at schools and home.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012
Ended On
Monday, December 31, 2012

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