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OE3J - The Scout Group of Bruck an der Leitha will participate at JOTA-JOTI 2016 - we are always happy to get in contact with other Scouts and Guides at the Jamboree - via ham radio and via the internet.

The Scout Group of Bruck an der Leitha will be active on the radio with the special event station OE3J. We will start on shortwave and VHF/UHF on Friday afternoon after setting up our antennas and our ham radio station. With JOTI we will start in the late afternoon. I´m sure we will do JOTA-JOTI on riday evening until 2200 GMT or later. On Saturday our operating hours are from 0530 to about 2200 GMT or even longer when conditions are outstanding as well as on Sunday starting from 0530 to about 1000 GMT. The scout group will be supported by the Club Telescout and the Adult Scout Club Bruck an der Leitha. If you have a radio contact with our special event station OE3J you will get a special - so called - QSL card.

Currently the following activities are scheduled:

+ Sven - OE3BLS and Susanne - OE3YOS give a short indroductory speech about radio and in particular amateur radio
+ Full-time worldwide radio communiction service (mainly voice radio) on shortwave and VHF/UHF frequencies - we do also morse code and RTTY/PSK31 contacts if you want
+ ARDF (the kids should find a radio transmitter which was hidden before by the JOTA/JOTI team with special radio receivers and antennas)
+ We try to show a morse code based contact between two of our radio stations from one room to an other
+ Maybe a try to hear the radio signal of the international space station ISS - continous radio operation from space is realized by several astronauts of the ISS who are also licensed radio amateurs

Participating licensed radio amateurs at the special event radio station OE3J are so far:

OE3BLS – Sven-Erik Janc
OE3YOS – Susanne Huber
OE3KKB - Klaus Köppinger
OE1KIS – Rainer Kirsch
OE1EOA - Ernst Tomaschek
OE3CTS - Roland Spannagl
OE1CIW – Ernst Michael Zitta

On shortwave we are using an ELECRAFT K3 with about 100 watts transmitting power connected to a rotatable spiderbeam antenna for the bands 10, 12, 15, 17 and 20 meters as well as a wire antenna for 40 and 80 meters. Mostly we are using voice radio, by request we do also morse code as well and other different digital modes like PSK-31 and RTTY are also disposable.

Some VHF/UHF transceivers are available - amongst others a YAESU FT-817 as well as the ICOM IC-7100 - the antenna is a X-30 vertical antenna. With help of repeater operation at OE1XUU on 438,950 MHz (-7,6 MHz, CTCSS 162,2 Hz subaudio tone) and using echolink (with node number 6406 you can operate at OE1XUU repeater via echolink) we hope to be able to get in contact especially with other scout amateur radio stations. Of course we will be also very glad for other radio stations, who would like to make a contact with our special event station OE3J.

For JOTI operation the following scouts of our group are currently provided:

Michael Maurer
Christian Löw
Klaus Köpplinger

Hopefully the shortwave propagation will be good enough to establish wordwide contacts!
Hope to meet you at the JOTA-JOTI 2016 ... ;)

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