Youth Programme Update

Scouting in Uruguay is integrally strengthened its capabilities to update it Youth Programme and after a work process, review and redesign of its educational fashion to provide an updated program, relevant and tailored to the needs and interests of children and young people of Uruguay and social demands, cultural, political and economic society of our country.
MSU currently has a membership of 1,241 members of which 322 are Cubs, Scouts are 360, 288 and 88 Rovers Pioneers, and the rest are educators scouts.
These belong to 70% of the metropolitan area of ​​Montevideo and the rest of the country's major cities, mostly belong to the middle class of the population and have access to the different levels of the educational system, although it is noted with concern the difficulties to stay in it and / or obtain a formal job according to the law.
The project is expected to improve the quality of the program offered to the membership of children and young people, along with this, to lay the institutional foundations for ensuring development and growth of the organization in other social and territorial country.
The steps for updating the program were:
1 - We conducted a survey of social reality of the country, the institution MSU and material and human resources.
To this end, interviews were conducted with young people and adults in our institution, analyzing current national social reality, and then to discuss and redefine the basis of our educational and methodological proposal.
The survey consisted of:
• Personal interviews with members of the national rover coordinator, about the reality of young people in the country, and his vision of the institution.   • Personal interviews with educators from the various units on the working methodology, being related to each age group of learners. • Identification of the normative basis of the institution (policies, regulations and statutes of MSU).
• A survey group to the national team, and one written to the board.
2 - National meeting Leaders and Rovers of our institution:
- Presenting diagnosis (conducted by an external consultant), objectives and targets for the MSU methodological review.
- Workshops (betting on the change of structural models), institutional development, sharing various analyzes of our national reality for the future, since they discuss and redefine the basis of our educational project.
3 - Continuing with the Update process Youth Program is a national meeting of educators, candidates, employees and rovers of our institution, regardless of skill level. It was a new instance of exchange, training and sharing, a time to think about past, present and future of MSU.
We also do:
- Presentation of the team responsible for the Youth Programme Update.
- Presentation of the design workshop Youth Program.
- Project schedule for the rest of the year.
- Launch of Meeting of pioneers, rovers and educators to be held on 13 and 15 October
4 - Facing the importance of regional policies and that each OSN contribution to its development, our first step was to receive training for this process, achieving develop our own policies. Given this diagnosis and framed in the process of Youth Programme Update, did strong emphasis on the participation of the Regional Meeting Educational Methods (networks of Adults in the Movement and Youth Program), to be held in Buenos Aires - Argentina. This meeting was carried out by the World Scout Bureau, Interamerican Region was held on 18 and 20 May 2012. In regional knowledge of our learning process, we were also invited by Scouts from Argentina to participate in the module "Leadership Skills" to be held between 24 and 27 May in Buenos Aires, the direction dictated by National Scout Training Argentina, which educators could engage three members of the National Team. Launch Meeting of pioneers, rovers and educators to be held on 13 and 15 October
5 - Before the diagnosis that most volunteers are active in the country's capital and the need to strengthen internal groups, there was a meeting with youth and adults of our institution to share various analyzes of our movement, from the inside the country actually, betting strengthen an MSU national scale, and from them discuss and redefine the basis of our educational project. Was performed:
A - Awareness Workshop institutional documents (interpretation, reflection and proper use).
B - were restructured and organized interior districts taking into account the views and participation of the same players, updating the national dimension. C - Workshop District (District building structure)
D - branch methodology workshops for different age groups, adding an evaluation and standardization of criteria for the educational proposal to the students. E - Launch Meeting of pioneers, rovers and educators to be held on 13, 14 and October 15, 2012.
F - Appoint Managers (District Commissioner) within each district for 2012.
6 - It takes an online course training "youth program designs", ending with a traditional instance. The course consisted of individual and team work. We enjoyed the participation of 20 people.
7 - A meeting was held with young people (pioneers and rovers) and adults of our institution to share various analyzes of our national reality, and based on them discuss and redefine the basis of our educational
8 - The National a new meeting with the youth and adults of our institution to share, edit and define the materials developed based on input from the first meeting and explain how they relate to the next steps of the project, prior to submission to the National Assembly.
9 - We conducted a briefing is open to the general public, where they summarized the process conducted in 2012, in addition to explaining the steps in this.
10 - This was a call for groups (pilots) are interested in using the contents of the update process emerged for each age segment, so to be able to be corrected the way that they are applied in specific areas. We are excited by all the inputs that were generated throughout this year, we are aware that the task is, but more excited than ever to take forward this proposal. We have two more years of work, but in the end we share with you the material after the drafting and design of the
• Categories: Children and young people
• When: Mar 2012
• Participants: 10
• Number of hours: 3,520

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Thursday, March 1, 2012
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Thursday, October 1, 2015

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