Founder’s Day: Being Active in Community Service



The thing that inspired me to do community service is the experiences I had during primary and secondary school and my family. When I was younger, I had a via project whereby I had to group with my friends to do community service together. We all decided to go to the elderly home. We sat down with them and listened to their struggles and stories. It made me feel sad as they don’t have as much energy as the youngsters do. They have difficulties doing something as some of them have conditions. So my friends and I spent the day nurturing the elderly. In secondary school, I’d always notice the cleaners are really old. I’ve seen them struggle to push the heavy load of trash bins. I always made sure they rolled the trash bins away safely especially when there are bumps on the roads. I realised these small actions can mean a lot to them,spreading our kindness and positivity, could make their day 100 times better.


Learn and decide 


The aim of this community service is to support the elderly staff working tirelessly for Mayflower Secondary School. Their jobs aren’t always easy with increasing rubbish and dirty areas. So, the Mayflower Scouts decide it’s best to lend a helping hand to the staff that makes sure our school continues to be clean for students and teachers to use each and every day. We are also in hopes that our actions can be an eye opener and inspire others to do the same. The Scout Leaders first planned out the project with the help of the school’s OM to seek out the jobs the unit could do during our weekly Saturday CCA sessions. The plan was mostly to wipe down and sweep the floors, tables and chairs of the canteen and hall. We also planned out to dispose of unused cca equipment and logistics. We then gathered our drip mops, broom, pail, cloth and cleaning supplies. This project was planned to stretch from 7th to 17th of April 2021




Service hours: Total Hours: 12h (7th - 17th April 2021)

  • 7th April 2021: 2hr (planning and meet up with OM to discuss on the project for the 10th Apr)

  • 10th April: 4hr (Execution of Day 1 of service-learning activity) 

  • 14th April: 2hr (planning and meet up with OM to discuss on the project for the 17th Apr)

  • 17th April: 4hr (Execution of Day 2 of service-learning activity)




We sat together and discussed which way is best for us to split the manpower we had. After some time, we all agreed to split the manpower according to our strengths. Some people can complete tasks faster therefore increasing our unit’s efficiency. My patrol leader and I came to a conclusion that our patrol will be split where the stronger ones go up to the hall to move the tables and chairs, which are also close to preparation for examinations. We assigned the rest to tidy up the canteen chairs and table. We all made sure the two locations were cleaner than how we found it so that others can enjoy the areas as well. This fruitful experience really made me understand the importance of job delegation. This is so that everyone can work efficiently and knows what to do at the right time. From today 1, we all have been working hard to clear out the poles. We split them into ‘useful’ and ‘useless’ piles. My patrol and the job to sort them out properly while the rest help to clear them out. Our poles were then arranged even more neatly in the pole rack. It felt great to see more teamwork between all of us as we noticed the scouts helping each other without hesitation. They know where their strengths lie and are able to volunteer themselves to do the jobs they know they can do well. Even after all these, there were some challenges. Such as in the beginning, we had difficulty trying to figure out who should do what. But we realised communication was key and talked it through together, hearing each other’s opinions.

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Project Period

Started On
Saturday, April 10, 2021
Ended On
Sunday, April 11, 2021

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Scouting and Humanitarian Action


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