The Tunisian Scouts Organization contributes to securing students back to education

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from Egypt, منذ 3 أشهر

With full enthusiasm, male and female young people of the Tunisian Scouts exerted distinguished volunteering efforts to ensure the safe return of students, who desire to successfully complete the baccalaureate, to various educational institutes of the country following the interruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. They participated in achieving the health protocol by securing social distance, measuring temperature, sterilizing spaces, raising awareness of public health rules, distributing facemasks and sanitizers, and encouraging students to be prepared for the exams. Thus, they take part in accomplishing the strategic priorities of world scouting, i.e. youth involvement and educational method.

Bringing students back to schools stands as a glimpse of hope for a future return of university life and reviving the campus with activities, after taking into account the preventive health measures adopted by relevant state bodies to avoid failure in fighting Coronavirus. It is worth mentioning that the Tunisian Scouts implemented a number of volunteering initiatives from the outset of the global pandemic, with the participation of 11,678 volunteers and accomplishment of 1,875,618 hours of volunteering     



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anh ấy đang làm gì vậy??

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Thanks lot for doing this good job in Pandemic crisis.

صورة allan1602

Thank you all for your hard work and sacrifice specially during the crisis of this COVID-19.

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