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Publication date: 25. يناير 2019

Today's Psalm speaks of Jesus. "Like the dew that comes from the dawn, I have begotten you." It's the psalm. The psalm speaks of Jesus. The son of God. "Dazzling with holiness." This Is Jesus. Beautiful. Jesus whom we love.

Today's Psalm speaks of Jesus.

"You are a priest forever according to the Order of King Melchizedek"

But who is Melchizedek? Where do we find it him the Bible? he is at the beginning of Holy history, at the beginning of the Bible.

What does he do? He blesses Abraham. And he makes an offering of bread and wine. It is in Chapter 14 of Genesis. Three small sentences that pass quickly. But in the letter to the Hebrews it has been well noted.


What is this offering of bread and wine? It's the mass before mass. Melchizedek is the vision of Jesus, the priest of the world, who is asked at the beginning of the Bible.


It happens before the story, the Bible tells us. It is an expression of God's initial love for the world. And we see how Jesus is going to offer his life, this bread, this wine, is to offer his body and his blood. The interesting thing is that this happens before Jewish and Christian history, we see that Jesus has a plan for the whole of humanity, regardless of religion. And he is preparing to offer himself, and so he blesses Abraham, who is the initial event of his future incarnation. If you want to, Jesus is not the Jew, not the priest of Aaron, the Levite. It is the eternal Christ, “begotten not created” who is God's love for mankind that is to be offered: as an offering this bread and this wine is given, and he offers himself. This bread, this wine from Melchisedek, is the love of God surrender. 


Since the arrival of Christ to the earth, the world begins to gather around Jesus. Christianity carries the message of Jesus all over the world. He goes and sees other religions. Catholic missionaries, Protestants visiting the whole world.

When they went around the world: that is, about a hundred years ago, all of humanity heard that we are a family. From that moment the idea of fraternity  spread all over the world. And the other religions receive it well. At this moment the Scout Movement  is born. It is a Christian theme but the other religions also recognize it. The Scouts are a fraternity. And that is why many people of non-Christian religions, especially in Asia, who are not baptized, are scouts. They're not Christians, but they're scouts. Scouting is the symbol of the realization of the prayer of Christ, the high priest of God who wants the world to be a family. The Scout Movement is the symbol of humanity as a family.

Young people, youth, scout leaders, love Scouts because it's an introduction to the human family. The Scout Movement says God's yes to humanity. yet with everything,  death, environmental pollution, civilizational crises.  He believes in life on Earth, but he wants to move into heavenly life with Jesus. 


The Epistle to the Hebrews says, " God granted the heavenly life to Jesus out of his great respect. to how he ows great respect? the great respect of his father, the great respect of God, " my God and your God."

A year ago at the largest World Conference in the history Scouting, it was held in a Muslim country: Baku, Afghanistan, it became very clear that "duty to God" is the first principle of the Scout Movement. All the National Scout leaders who attended agreed. It has been said that we are responsible for the spiritual and religious development of young people. It was their national leaders who voted for that, 160 countries. I have had the pleasure of visiting a large number of countries where the Scouting is located. Almost everywhere I have heard national leaders say: we must provide spiritual and religious education and assume our duty to God. Not just learning to behave, not just a moral education. But spiritual and religious. Enter into God's love for humanity. Even Buddhists, who are said not to believe in God, voted yes. To be touched by the spirit of God, as the source of the value of our lives. Baden Powell said, " You must teach young people to live in the Kingdom of God. to live in this world blessed by Jesus, by his gift, by his life with us should we fear that our life in this world will be a passage? Can we commit ourselves to the earthly life of the human family?


The letter to the Hebrews also says that Jesus learned obedience.  And he learned obedience through his sufferings, but from whom? from God. He learned to do God's will.  "Not my will, but yours."

So Jesus learned to respect his duty to God. That's the first principle of the Scout Movement. Jesus was a scout.


That's what the Scout prayer says, ending with " let's do your holy will."

I suppose Jacques Sevin and St. Ignatius were inspired by the letter to the Hebrews by the Scout prayer. Christians, Catholics, we want to obey Jesus. We like to learn to obey Jesus as Jesus learned to obey his father. This is what the Scout prayer says.

"to give ourselves Always and without waiting

another reward than knowing that

we always do your Holy Will”

speak to Jesus;

I'd like to ask one thing,


Are you spiritually responsible?

Scouts are not only responsible for creating a better world, but also for the motivation of the world. May the Scout Movement be for the young people in your charge: their spiritual path. To young people of other religions: to see Jesus as their friend. Jesus is everyone's friend. They  won't need to change their religion. I invite your young Christians to follow Jesus as their leader. That the Scout Movement is a way of being Christian.


if you want to be a good scout... have Jesus as your friend.

if you want to be a good Christian.. the scout movement is a good path


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