Project "SAMARTH-II" : Service for the kids of Slum Area of Kullu city.

The Rovers & Rangers unit of JLN GC Haripur (Manali) has started its new project for the session 2017-18 for 1 year named "SAMARTH-II" on dated 19th Feb 2017 and Smt. Bimla Mahant ( congress party leader and President, Municipal Council, Kullu city) was the Chief Guest and Mr. Karun Mahant (Gen. Sec. Mandi Parliamentary Constituency Youth) was the Special Guest.
PARTICIPATION : On the day of opening there were 49 persons (17 rovers and rangers, 1 rover leader cum Project Director, 29 kids of slum area and 2 guests)
Actually we (Unit of JLN GC Haripur) have already completed our previuous project named "SAMARTH-I" last year, In which we had taken a orphan home named "MOTHERS HOME" at Gjan Village near Haripur college. Now we wanted new challenge, so we had 3 meeting in the month of February 2017 and decided to give our service at Slum Area of Kullu city which is 40 km away from the college.
Dates of meetings are 2nd FEB, 4th FEB, and 11th Feb 2017 in which 40 rovers and rangers discussed with rover leader about the new project.

VISITING SLUM AREA BY THE HARIPUR COLLEGE TEAM: On dated 12 Feb 2017 a team of Rovers and Rangers visited the Slum Area of Kullu city and interacted with the parents and kids of the slum area and collected some major informations for our project "SAMARTH-II".
Again we had last meeting on 18 Feb 2017 in our college campus and again discussed the problems and some major issues regarding our new project and decided to start the new project.

1.) We will give our services every Sunday of the month from 10AM to 3PM.
2.) Helping kids of Slum Area in their schooling by teaching.
3.) Special classes or campaign on Cleanliness.
4.) We ll give them Basic knowledge of computer to them.
5.) Physical and some mind games to make their interest with us and as well as in studies.
6.) Special lecture on hygiene.
7.) Providing them articles such as school bags and stationary etc.
8.) If possible or if we can manage a team of medical officer then we ll organize some health checkup camps too for the kids.
9.) Special lecture on the theme of "BAD EFFECTS OF BAGGING", because some of them are involved/pushed in bagging by parents.
10.) Scouting in there spare time.
11) Last but not least forming a "KAPDA BANK" , in which all the rovers and rangers including rover leader cum project director will collect some used or new clothes from door to door and will deposite in the Kapda Bank from where we ll distribute it to the kids. In this Bank it can be clothes, shoes, old toys, pencil box etc etc
These are some of our main objectives of our project "SAMARTH-II"

In our meetings we discussed some of major up coming challenges -
1.) Distance from Haripur to Kullu is apx. 40km and students are coming college from their homes which is more away from college (from 10 to 15km) so, it was our first challenge to reach Kullu every Sunday in time and if we are going to start our classes at 10AM at Kullu the we should be there at least half n hour before. It means my students have to travel apx 50-60 km (2 hours journey by bus) to reach Kullu and after classes they have to come back. These days it is winter and roads are not safe.
2.) Traveling fare and lunch for the rovers and rangers ? Money is the question.
3.) We have to find some shelter/rooms where we could take classes, it may be on rent or free. Again money needed.
4.) Providing Stationary for the kids , money needed.
5.) Who ll teach at Slum Area permanently because we cant change teacher on rotation wise for every Sunday, it will be confusing to kids and new teachers as well.
6.) We need at least 10-14 main Rovers & Rangers on every Sunday and they will be our main pillars for teaching. On other hands these rovers & rangers are also students and they have to appear in their final in the month of APRIL-MAY and OCTOBER. Who will teach in their absence ?


1.) As money was the main issue of this project, so our unit decided in meetings that we all will contribute monthly RS 100 each for this project, so that we can start this project first.
2.) All members of our college will reach Kullu on their own expenses.(Till the arrangement of finance )
3.) Rover Leader cum Project Director will contact some influential persons for finance this project.(If possible)
4.) For teaching main 7 pillars of teachers deputed permanently.
5.) Project Director managed some rooms in "Rama Samudayik Bhavan, Kullu", to start the project and classes free of cost.(But as it is a society's building and it could be booked specially during marriage time or other social ceremony, simultaneously talk with President M.C.Kullu is in process to get some rooms free of cost to run teaching classes and other activities.
6.) Rover Keshav of Haripur college deputed as clerk for paper work and Rover Bhupender deputed as cashier for this project.
7.) As we need some extra force cum friends for this project that is why we contacted Rovers and Rangers of Kullu college, Himalayan Rovers open unit and Parvati Rangers open Team to join hands in this social cause and some of them are ready and now this is our new achievement as we have combined the rovers and rangers of Kullu and made this project of Kullu MoP.
8.) last but not least, now our project converted into district level so we needed some technically sound person who can guide/suggest us , so , Mr Rohit Thakur ,ASOC (S) who is also from Kullu district, was contacted to give their service too in this project of Kullu MoP group.
OUR MORAL:- It is said that well began is half done and so is our moral. By joining hands of rovers and rangers of Kullu college and open units our moral is very very high and defiantly we ll again complete this project very smoothly and happily.

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صورة Pankaj Gupta

Wonderful initiative. Keep it up. We all are with you.

صورة Jyoti Charan

Thanks Pankaj Sir , I know your blessings and support is always with us , hoping to see you in this project because you are also a part of this project. Just inform me when you are visiting.

صورة Jyoti Charan
from India, منذ 3 سنوات

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Thursday, February 2, 2017
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Sunday, February 19, 2017

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