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by Messengers of Peace from Malaysia
Publication date: 12. سبتمبر 2016

September is the month to celebrate peace and each year the International Day of Peace (Peace Day) is observed around the world on 21 September. According to the United Nations, Peace Day provides a globally shared date for all humanity to commit to peace above all differences, and to contribute to building a culture of peace.

For World Scouting, the subject of peace and peace education has been a constant interest since the inception of the Movement. Our founder, Baden-Powell, had instilled this mindset from the start, inviting Scouts to engage in a “global network of service”, to unite all efforts regardless of nationalities, religion, ethnicities or age, envisioning all Scouts to collaborate to help others and create positive change in the community and the world.

In the October 1932 issue of Jamboree, Baden-Powell wrote: “Our aim is to bring up the next generation as useful citizens with a wider outlook than before and thereby to develop goodwill and peace in the world through comradeship and cooperation.”

Today, Scouts, as Messengers of Peace, play an even more vital role in promoting and strengthening the message and culture of peace.

We call for all Scouts to take action, to promote and extend this message. We invite you to get inspired, learn, decide on your actions and take action for peace... to create a better world.

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

Find inspiration in your community and with friends around the world. Look around the places you spend the most time, talk with friends, parents, people you admire and choose a cause. Seek help to plan a community development action, GET INTO ACTION and invite your community members to join your efforts.

• Acts of kindness – do a good turn
Peace starts with simple gestures. All around you, there’s always a chance to make a positive change.

• Action through local programmes, Messengers of Peace, World Scout Environment Programme or Scouts of the World Award
Scouts' projects and community service actions can contribute towards making our world more sustainable. Choose a topic and organise a community development action.
o Messenger of Peace
o Scouts of the World Award
o World Scout Environmental Programme

UN Sustainable Development Goals
Scouts' projects and community service actions can also contribute towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Pick a topic and organise a community development action with your team, patrol, unit or Scout group.

Peace One Day
You can also use Peace Day as a platform to empower young people to become a global force of peacebuilders. Visit Peace One Day to find education resources and services that you can tap on to learn or find inspiration in planning your activities.

• Regional Peace Day campaigns
Join the Peace Day campaigns in your regional, country or district. Contact your National Scout Organization (NSO) or Regional teams now and find out more!

Here are suggestions from the Regions/NSOs:
* Canada: Scout Messengers of Peace Canada –
* Ecuador: Asociación de Scouts del Ecuador –
* India: Southern Railway State Bharat Scouts & Guides –
* Ivory Coast:
* Mexico: /
* Taiwan: Messengers of Peace 台灣和平使者計畫 –
* Taiwan: 羅浮暨青年委員會 Rover Scout of TGASC Taiwan –

• Diversity pledge for peace
Find a person who is different from you and take a selfie together, demonstrating your commitment to work for peace and dialogue. Tell us why you are different and why you are committing to work together for peace.

• Promote Dialogue to facilitate understanding
If you have participated in any Dialogue training with Scouts or other institutions, share your skills and talent, and organise a Dialogue workshop for other people to understand the Principles of Dialogue. This is only to promote and raise awareness. DO NOT engage or commit to start a Dialogue process to solve an existing conflict unless you are an EXPERT. If you are interested in helping with a conflict, SEEK HELP from AN EXPERT.

We are looking for stories and best practices that can inspire more and more people to build peace around the world and create relevant impact in your community. We would like to share many of your stories so that your messages are heard across borders, countries and cultures.

• Better World storytellers – video
If you are currently taking action and involved in a community development project, please record your story as a video. Capture some footage with your mobile phone or camera, and get creative with the help of some friends. Your video must be a maximum of 1.5 minutes. Include images of Scouts and/or non-Scouts in action (don’t forget to wear your scarf!!!), show the "before and after" situation, and include some testimonials from the beneficiaries. You may record it in your own language, but do include captions or subtitles in English. Let's become our role model and "positive action" star! Share you video(s) at (click on "upload your own project").

• Building peace – commercial
Promoting positive change requires creative and innovative ideas from everyone, especially those of you in the field. We would like to seek your ideas on how to promote and inspire people to take action in tackling local and global issues such as:
o Homeless people
o Climate change
o Diversity and Inclusion
o Conflict resolution
o Human rights
o Dialogue (intercultural, intergenerational, interreligious, interracial, etc)

Put your talent to work and help World Scouting produce a commercial in the format of:
o Poster – include colourful fonts and designs (with or without pictures), inspiring messages to motivate young people.
o Video – Call for action about a local issue, inviting your friends to take action, raising awareness about a hot topic.

Share the commercial at (click on "upload your own project").

Tag your videos and commercials with #betterworldstory

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