MoP in Action - Woodbadge Beginers Course

Scout Training Troop from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris having a woodbadge course in Kuala Selangor. The course was conduct by Th. Hj Iszamli as a course leader and the gang. They have a slot for MoP and SWA. The course was excellent because all the participant was very excited and commuted with the activities.

You should not see this


صورة Messengers of Peace

Thank you PPM for sharing Messenger of Peace and Better World goal with more Scout Leaders in the country.

صورة Umit Savas Baran

CONGRULATIONS. I invite you all to UN FAO YUNGA Global Environmental Challenges and to make a join in activity for COP21

صورة Elizabet

Will like to..

صورة Amir Hamzah Aman

Believe it or not, i have join the UN FAO YUNGA Global Environmental Challenges.

صورة Umit Savas Baran

I believe. Which one of the chsllenges. I have some posterw for some of the tashs

صورة Umit Savas Baran

I believe. Which one of the chsllenges. I have some posterw for some of the tasks. It will be splendid to sea your county on UN FAO YUNGA website

صورة Umit Savas Baran

Amir looking forward to hear you to participate to YUNGA challenges. D,d you visit the website

صورة Umit Savas Baran

Dear Amir. This is a letter which I wrote to a friend for joining t UN FAO YUNGA
Ok lets start open this page
after some yunga activity photos it says in a blue frame
Welcome to YUNGA! Whether you're younger or older, a student, a leader or teacher, a YUNGA Challenge Badge pro or a first-time visitor - if you care about the environment and development, this is the place for you. We hope you enjoy exploring our site and materials, and that they inspire you to help make the world a better place for everyone. Get involved and stay in touch!
It is true
You have everything here
Read Background page in a quick way
May be you want collect your leader friends nearby or from other Senegal towns and you can make a information activity on face book even a yunga Senegal page where I also join and gave notes in English. There i more people speaks French you may do it in French too. Most of the books in French too
Now go activities page and tick countries
See there is only 5 countries but there is more on you Page
Tick the you page There is more When you make your first get together with your friends
Talk about this web page. Show them Country programs Turkey page and show my work It is mostly in English. You will sea here every age group. You can make a power point of it. I can make one for you and you show that to your friends
Now select a challenge
First if you like to make a crash start go head on this notes( it is made for a friend in India who ask me assist) . I will attach the book
you may search resources pages and download Soil or Forest challenge book and let me know which is suitable for you ( I have help files and posters on these two challenge but I am going to make similar posters and games for energy challenge
This is be first one
Now our friends on this group may consider this new badge challenge book it will be a great action.
İf a couple youth group do these challenges At least give a start with one action) it will make a good messengers of peace action on the days where great decisions made on climate change at Paris. Also if you are not already on countries page of you may present your country there
Following is a conversation with a scout friend who will ask me to make the challenge we talked as follows
ok sir I will. Please assist me
this is the main web site where you will find all information the attachment is complete book
(1) Study specially the background chapter page 28-84 give a look quickly you will find that you know most of the information anyway
(2) read the activities on pages 100-141
(3) select one Select an activity from first two. of Section A, These activities are compulsory and one other activity of your choice form others in Section A too
(4) Do it same for other sections B, C, D, E. Depending the age group.
(5) At start try most relevant ones and simples
(6) You my also change choice activities with similar activities which you were already done or create activities with same scope (7) Come together with some friends and share the activities to perform.
(8) Prepare to make a tabletop or on field.
(9) Make posters to help the work on stations ( I can send some of the posters after you select your activities and some instructions)
(10) organize your event Make a half day celebration and do the activities on stations
(11) Assign a photographer for photos and videos
(12) Make your report. I can help your report on format and give suggestions) This is just an information about the website information.
These projects are posted on too. I am a just unofficial self assigned volunteer for YUNGA informing you. You can do the activities with in the rules of your association or organization.
now select your activities most fit your children in school or scout group or in neighbor community organization
You can work on Climate change and food security with similar way like Energy challenge. If interested please not click like but give a comment and a pledge to make at least one of the given activities of ten
When you completed your work of at least ten activity you can give the certificates. And buy the badges from WAGGGS SHOP too. For fist patrols from each country ( up to ten patrols of 8 members I have Frig magnets to send you . ten patrols at most
Here is my suggestion for Energy but you may choose more relevant from the book
A.01 preparing a document on Climate change in English or
your language
A.04 Climate versus weather understanding. What is climate and what is weather. There will be a card game
B.02 Film fun Film watch a motion picture. I will give links You will watch it and talk about and make a report
B.04 Electricity in your house a close look. You will make some art work
C.01 Mapping impact. What will happen in your country if global Warming is up
C.06 Make a scenery you like and post climate dangers on it
D.01 Useful reuse. Every body will recycle a piece of stuff for good use and photos both before and after
D.08 I love this one I always to make it may be I make a video for you. But conditions are different from country to country.
E.01 I have a domino game you may play
E.07 Find a silly ad which promote bad economy unfriendly to environment

Ok This is first part I am looking forward to see your first action. When I have photos of your first act I will send them to my friends in Italy FAO
You may join The Scout Friendship foundation group. I will send an invitation to you

صورة Amir Hamzah Aman
from Malaysia, منذ 5 سنوات

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Friday, November 27, 2015
Ended On
Sunday, November 29, 2015

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