Here are some frequently asked questions to support NSOs in submitting their annual reporting to WOSM on the Members Portal.


Data Portal = NSO Data Portal

Directory = World Scouting Directory

NSA = National Scout Association

NSO = National Scout Organization and National Scout Association

Members Portal Admin = NSO Admin for the Members Portal

Members Portal = both World Scouting Directory and NSO Data Portal sections of the Members Portal

WOSM = World Organization of the Scout Movement

Who is to submit the NSO Annual Reporting Package?

The Members Portal Admin is asked to submit their NSO’s annual reporting package as they have the required administrative rights to the platform.


Members Portal Admins by default are the International Commissioner or other official contact with WOSM. Official contacts with WOSM are identified by the asterisk* on the Directory.

How do I get admin access to the Members Portal?

If you, as the International Commissioner (or other official contact), do not have NSO Admin access to the Members Portal, please ensure you first have a account (register here) and then send a request to

How does access to the Members Portal work for a Federation?

The Members Portal Admin of a Federation also has administrative access to all the NSAs within their Federation. Each NSA can also have their own Members Portal Admin.

I am unable to submit my NSO’s annual reporting package, who should I contact?

If you encounter technical issues as the Members Portal Admin, please contact  and provide a screenshot or screen recording to ensure efficient follow up.


If you need more support as the Members Portal Admin to submit your Annual Reporting Package, please contact your respective World Scout Bureau Regional Support Team member.

Can our NSO have an additional Members Portal Admin?

Members Portal Admin access is usually limited to two admins for each NSO. The International Commissioner (or official contact) is granted admin access by default, a second access can be requested by the NSO.


To request additional admin access, your Members Portal Admin should follow the below steps:

  1. Add the person to the Directory as an appointee of your NSO
  2. Ensure that the person has a account (register here)
  3. Send a request to to ask for the additional Members Portal Admin access

What information should we prepare for our NSOs Annual Reporting to WOSM?

The following information is to be prepared and submitted as part of your NSO’s annual reporting to WOSM through the Members Portal:

  • Contact Information (address, email, phone, etc.)
  • Appointees (Chief Scout, President, International Commissioner, etc.)
  • Census – Membership (Number of youth and adult Scouts) and Beneficiaries
  • Reports - Annual Report and Annual Financial Statement

What do we submit for annual reporting as a Federation?

What to submit for the Federation and each NSA:

  • Contact Information
  • Appointees
  • Reports

What to submit for each NSA:

  • Census (each NSA’s census is then calculated for a total on the Federation profile)

What languages can we submit our annual reporting in?

Annual reporting must be submitted on the Members Portal in English or French as WOSM’s official languages. Your respective Regional support persons are available to support you in Arabic, Russian or Spanish as WOSM’s working languages.

We do not have all the information ready; can we still submit part of our annual reporting?

NSOs are welcome to submit or amend parts of their annual reporting on the Members Portal as they become available. To be compliant with the constitutional requirement for NSOs to submit their annual reporting to WOSM, all reporting requirements are to be completed by the deadline stated in the circular.  


If your NSO is not able to provide the required information before the deadline, please notify or your respective Regional support person for the Membership Portal.

When is the deadline to submit the annual reporting through the Members Portal?

Please refer to:

  • The current year’s NSO annual reporting package Circular, and
  • the date on the Census widget.


**The date in this screenshot is for visual representation only.

  • A screenshot of a cell phone
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We remind NSO’s that contact information and official appointees should be updated whenever changes occur within the NSO and be reviewed at least once a year as part of the annual reporting process.


If your NSO is not able to provide the required information before the deadline, please notify or your respective Regional support person for the Membership Portal.

What contact information is required for my NSO?

A generic email address and mailing address are the most important contact details to provide for your NSO.

How do I update the contact information of my NSO?

Simply click on the edit button below the NSO logo, navigate to the “contact information” tab and add, update or remove necessary contact information of your NSO.

There are some details on my NSO’s profile which I cannot edit, how do I update them?

Members Portal Admins have limited administrative rights to update information of their NSO’s profile. The basic information that can be updated include organisation contact information, logo, language preferences, official appointees, etc.


If there is information on your NSO profile that needs updating and you are unable to make the updates yourself, please contact

How do we update our NSO’s official appointees?

Please review this video tutorial.


Data privacy is important, before adding any personal data on the Directory please ensure  consent by the individual. All information on the Directory is to be used strictly for official Scouting purposes only. By using the Members Portal you further your agreement to the privacy policy and terms and conditions of

Do any of the standard appointment titles have key roles with WOSM?

In general, the standard appointment titles provided are generic and adaptable to your NSO’s context. These include Secretary General, Chief Commissioner, Chief Scout, Scout Shop, etc.


The below standard appointment titles in the Directory have key roles with WOSM:

  • International Commissioner - typically official contact with WOSM
  • WOSM Annual Registration Fee - to receive fee invoice for processing
  • Members Portal Admin - is admin for updating NSO data
  • Scout Donation Platform - is admin for approving projects
  • Topic areas (ie Communications, Growth, JOTA-JOTI, Partnerships and Resource Mobilisation, Safe from Harm, Messengers of Peace, etc) - are individuals specalised on the topic area to be point of contact in NSO or to join networks established as communities of practice

How do we identify who is our official NSO contact?

One official appointee, typically the International Commissioner, is required to be marked as the official contact with WOSM. These official contacts are indicated with asterisk* on the Directory. NSOs are to restrict their official contacts with WOSM to a maximum of two.


Please review this video tutorial.

How do we submit our NSO’s census and beneficiaries?

Please review this video tutorial.

What year should we submit for the census and beneficiaries?

The year of the census and beneficiaries being submitted should be one year less than the current year. For example, if you are submitting the 2020 Annual Reporting Package to WOSM in the year 2020, then your census should be for your membership as at 31 December 2019.

We have different age sections than the standard age sections of WOSM, how do we report this in our census?

If your NSO has different age sections, then the standard age sections of WOSM, you are invited to customise the age section titles and age ranges through the “manage age sections” function. You can then report the numbers according to your NSO’s records.


Please review this video tutorial.

There is historical census data that needs updating, how can do this?

If you identify any historical census data for your NSO which needs updating, please contact with the correct data as per your records. The World Scout Bureau will review your records against our NSO data on hand before considering making updates.

How do we submit our NSO’s annual report and annual financial statement?

Please review this video tutorial.

What year should we submit for the reports?

The year of the report being submitted should be one year less than the current year. For example, if you are submitting the 2020 Annual Reporting Package to WOSM in the year 2020, then your reports should be for 2019.

Is there a file size limit?

Yes, file size is limited to 15MB to ensure that we do not overload our system. If your file is too large, please consider compressing it or using the provided templates.

What document formats can be uploaded?

Annual Reports – the accepted document format is PDF
Annual Financial Statements – the accepted document format is PDF or Microsoft Excel

We don’t have an annual report, what should we submit instead?

If your NSO does not have the resources to provide and submit an Annual Report, we invite you to complete this Annual Report Template and then upload it to the Members Portal.

What do we submit for our NSO’s annual financial statement?

NSOs are asked to complete this standard Financial Template and then upload it as the Annual Financial Statement on the Members Portal.


To further support the constitutional requirement, as well as good governance practices found in WOSM’s Quality Standard (GSAT), WOSM has established this standard template for NSOs to use in submitting their annual financial statement as part of the annual reporting package to WOSM. This standard template provides an opportunity to strengthen the financial reporting of NSOs through a consistent structure, bringing clarity and transparency to the information. The opportunity will also be used to help identify further support needs in financial management for NSOs.

We have reports from previous years, can we also submit these?

Yes, the NSO Admin is welcome to submit Annual Reports and Annual Financial Statements from previous years.


Please note that if you previously submitted these to WOSM, we have them in our files but have only uploaded on the Members Portal the Annual Reports submitted to WOSM starting from the year 2018.

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