Reporting on the success of service delivery

10 Reduced Inequalities
Reduced Inequalities

Reporting on the success of service delivery

The final step to completing the process of delivering a service to an NSO is providing feedback about the experience after asking the NSO for feedback. In this step, your answers should be elaborate and clearly explain the need, the service, the impact and key outcomes. Follow the below guidance on filling out each section, to be able to share your experience and inspire others to do the same.



  • Should be simple
  • Should mention the main service you delivered
  • Should mention the name of the NSO

Example: GSAT Assessment for Scouting Aruba
                 Communication Strategy for Saudi Arabian Boy Scouts Association


Your Service:

Provide a brief summary of the service that was requested by the NSO State why the NSO was in need of this service Mention the time period of delivering the support
Example: During the period of 15-22 January 2019, the [name of NSO] undergone a GSAT audit conducted by [name of company] and facilitated by a trained GSAT Consultant and the Organizational Development Regional Director.

Your Achievement:

  • Outline the process of receiving the request and what the NSO specifically asked for
  • Outline the steps taken from yourself, the NSO and others involved in the process of delivering the service
  • Mention if you encountered other needs within the NSO that you also offered support on
  • Mention people who supported in the delivery
  • State the exact outcomes of the service delivery
  • State the duration of each step of the delivery
  • What positive change did the NSO see after delivering the service?
  • Specify if any new ways of working were established

Example: The NSO started preparing for the audit after the GSAT preparation workshop that was conducted in 2018. The NSO started organizing the corresponding files for each dimension of the GSAT 10 dimensions by relevant personnel. The NSO asked the facilitator for assistance with conducting a self-assessment in [month]. The NSO then scored [--%]. Two days prior to the audit, both facilitators came in the NSO to make sure that all files are present and in place for the audit. The audit consumed two working days, where each dimension was covered by the responsible staff. The process was swift and at the end of day 2, the auditor presented the results to all involved. On the following day the OD Director, worked alongside the staff to reflect on the audit process, while filling in the service evaluation form and the draft action plan. The NSO agreed to submit the action plan once they receive the report.

Share Testimony:

Example: Although the NSO was reluctant at receiving the audit, the overall experience was enriching as it helped us identify our areas of strength and where we can improve. We worked very well together with the NSO on also identifying next steps for improvement in the coming months.
Reflect on the experience Share any positive feedback that the NSO has given you What was the general experience of the NSO? Was anything unique about this service?


  • For further information, provide a point of contact including their title and email address.
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