Bronze Wolf Nomination Guidelines

Summarised guidelines for nominating a person for the Bronze Wolf.

The Bronze Wolf was established in 1935. It is awarded at the sole discretion of the World Scout Committee, under Article XXIV, 1. (n) of the Constitution of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, which places on the Committee responsibility "to decide upon granting of awards for services to the World Scout Movement". Recommendations for the award are made to the WSC by the Honours & Awards Committee which is established by it under Article XVI, 6. of the Constitution.

The Honours and Awards Committee (HAC) is a Standing Committee of the World Scout Committee (WSC) and as such is governed by a set of regulations. The regulations below (revised February 2018) have been simplified for general use. 

Guidelines governing the award of the Bronze Wolf
At least once per year, the Secretary of HAC writes to members of the WSC, other Chairpersons of standing committees, and to Regional Chairpersons (with copy to Regional Directors) inviting appropriate submission of nominations. Nominations are to be received using the authorised standard form.  

Nominations may be accepted [as in the paragraph above] at any time during the year if relevant information is to hand.

Nominations may be accepted from any of these persons (listed above) and from any existing holder of the Bronze Wolf (except a member of HAC) acting in an individual capacity. Nominations are not to be made by committees or other collectivises and must be fully supported by the person making them.

To be considered for a Bronze Wolf Award the Nominee must meet the following criteria:

The nominee must be recognised as having provided outstanding service of the most exceptional character rendered to the World Scout Movement. This outstanding service must normally include service at world or regional levels and is expected to be beyond the level of responsibilities normally expected in the appointment or management role held.

Members of the WSC and professional staff of the World Scout Bureau (WSB) are not eligible for the award during their term of service as such. In very exceptional circumstances, the WSC may set aside the limitations listed above.

The process of recognition will terminate automatically on the death of any nominee unless the award has previously been made by the WSC and communicated to the individual.

Additional guidelines for preparing the nomination

Each section of the form needs to be completed with adequate information clearly articulating why this nomination demonstrates that the nominee has rendered outstanding service to the World Scout Movement over a significant period of time. The description regarding any NSO service should not exceed 200 words.  It is expected that outstanding service at national level will have been recognised by the NSO.

Evaluation of the nomination

On receipt of a nomination, Members of HAC shall undertake a preliminary evaluation of the nomination prior to the actual meeting of the HAC.

The evaluation will focus on the person’s performance and results. Age, length of service, extensive travel, presence at World and Regional conferences, jamborees or other events.  Offices and committee memberships held are not in themselves evidence of outstanding service of the most exceptional character. Nor is the faithful and satisfactory performance of the duties of a position or appointment held.

The Secretary will advise the HAC whether a nomination has previously been received and or assessed and was not recommended by the HAC at that time. 

The evaluation will lead to a preliminary classification of each nomination, for HAC use only, as follows:

•    evaluated tentatively as outstanding service warranting the Bronze Wolf.
•    further specific information or consideration required.
•    no further action on the nomination.

The HAC may only re-address a previous nomination under the following circumstances:

  1.  That a period of not less than three [3] years has elapsed since the previous nomination, and,
  2. New information that relates to outstanding service previously not supplied, or any other new relevant information, is properly defined in the re-nomination submission. 

At the HAC meeting prior to the next meeting of the WSC, HAC shall review its preliminary evaluations having:

evaluated the nomination as outstanding service and worthy of the Bronze Wolf
being acceptable to the individual's NSO, and 
and then prepare a document to make recommendations to the WSC to undertake the voting process.

The number of votes received for each award will not be disclosed.

Note: The Regulations governing the award of the Bronze Wolf state that the number of recommendations between each World Scout Conference shall not to exceed an annual rate of 1 for each 2,000,000 members on the basis of the latest World Scout census.

Following the decision of the WSC, the SG shall write, on behalf of the WSC, to each person who is to receive the Bronze Wolf and to their NSO, announcing the award. The NSO should be advised that, if a public announcement is to be issued, it should be read that "the Bronze Wolf has been awarded by the World Scout Committee of the World Organization of the Scout Movement to (name) for outstanding service of the most exceptional character to the World Scout Movement". The announcement may include the date and place of the presentation, if known, otherwise "at a later time"

HAC shall arrange for the presentation of Bronze Wolf’s, preferably at World or Regional events.

Actual presentations will be made in alphabetical order, as recommended by the Chairperson of HAC, with the approval of the Chairperson of the WSC. The award must be presented by a Bronze Wolf Holder and should not be presented by a person of the same country as the recipient.

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